How would PGA pro’s compete against Barry the Bandit at your club?

Ever wondered how you compare to PGA tour players?? Or how Justin Thomas would survive in your monthly medal?? Well wonder no more - we’ve compiled a database of all PGA tour rounds this year, including the specifics of each course, to determine the current handicap of every PGA tour professional under the new World Handicap System. We have also calculated a daily handicap at each course they have played to calculate the stableford points they would have scored in each round. This leads to some interesting winners on a weekly basis!!


PGA Tour Handicaps (Correct as at 17 July 2022 - The Open)

As you can see from the above, the majority of pros fall between plus 2.5 and plus 4.5. See below the best and worst 20 handicaps for players with a minimum of 10 rounds:

As you can see there's a significant difference between the top and the bottom. There's a 3.4 difference between Harry Higgs and Rory McIlroy. Over a 4 round tournament this equates to 13.6 shots!!! Harry should consider moving to LIV where the difference would only be 10.2.


What if the PGA tournaments used handicaps?


Everyone knows Cam Smith just won The Open by holing every putt in sight, however what would the result have been if handicaps were allowed i.e. the Net result?? Big hitting Bryson, playing off minus 2 on the day, would have won with an average score of 41 points over the four rounds!! 41 points a day for 4 days straight is enough to get your legs cut at my club, never mind your handicap!! Bryson’s handicap before The Open was plus 0.9 and he’ll be cut to plus 2.7 after that performance.


Congrats to bucket hat enthusiast Joel Dahmen for winning the net event at the US Open with an average score of 38 points playing off plus 2.9! Bryson gets another top 3 result. It's clear from this that Bryson is saving his handicap for the big events!!

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